Gestapo's Last Orgy

Gestapo's Last Orgy
Directed byCesare Canevari
Screenplay by
  • Antonio Lucarella
  • Cesare Canevari[1]
Story byAntonio Lucarella[1]
Music byAlberto Baldan Bembo[1]
CinematographyClaudio Catozzo[1]
Edited byEnzo Monachesi[1]
Cine Lu.Ce.[1]
Distributed byIndipendenti Regionali

Gestapo's Last Orgy (Italian: 'L'ultima orgia del III Reich, lit. 'Last Orgy of the Third Reich') is an Italian Nazi exploitation directed and co-written by Cesare Canevari. It stars Daniela Poggi.


The film begins with a man named Conrad von Starke (Adriano Micantoni) the Commandant driving down a road, listening to a war crimes trial on the radio. He stops the car and exits at the ruins of an old death camp. There he meets Lise Cohen (Daniela Poggi). It is revealed that Lise is a former prisoner of the camp and the commandant has arranged to meet her several years after World War II, to thank her for testimony she provided which saved him from certain death. Lise and the Commandant make love.

Lise has a flashback to the time she spent at the camp during the war. A shipment of female prisoners arrives. Some are immediately sent to the gas chamber and some burned alive. In a hall, other women are stripped naked and subjected to an orgy by members of the SS-Totenkopfverbände, aroused after watching a porn film which includes photos of rape, mother-daughter incest, bondage, coprophagia, and extreme sex. The female inmates are then raped, tortured, sodomized with bats, and sexually humiliated while the Commandant and his lover Alma (Maristella Greco), a fellow SS officer, watch in excitement.

Later, a woman has sex with an SS guard, who is himself shot when he speaks out against her rape by other guards. An inmate having her menstrual cycle is ordered to be thrown to the dogs by Alma, and more sex scenes between guards and inmates take place. Meanwhile, Starke and his SS staff debate Nazi theories at the dinner table, and an SS Guard tells them of his hopes that there will one day be farms so the Jews can be eaten as a food source. The staff become aroused by this and practice both cannibalism and infanticide, eating a stew made of unborn Jewish infants. When one of the female prisoners passes out in shock, they douse her body in brandy and set it alight, before eating her corpse as well.

Starke becomes interested in Lise, finding himself obsessed by her unbreakable spirit. Since whatever he does to torture her does not demoralize her, Starke grows angry and drops her only friend at the camp into a pit of quicklime as Lise, stripped nude and hanging from her wrists, is forced to watch. The Commandant threatens to drop Lise into the pit as well. Unfazed by this, Lise is whipped, has her head lowered into a box filled with rats (clearly gerbils in the film), and raped, but still she does not cry out. She goes to the hospital and is treated by a pacifistic young Doctor (Fulvio Ricciardi), revealing to him why she does not cry. She wants to die, as she betrayed her family to the Nazis years earlier and feels intense guilt about it. When the Doctor tells her it was not her fault, she becomes determined to survive. She has sex with the Doctor, reaffirming her decision to live.

Lise is tortured further by Starke, who tells her he has fallen in love with her. She claims to love him as well, and begins an extreme sexual relationship with him, willingly donning a gruesome belt made of the scalps of fellow inmates to prove her affections. The Commandant is later sodomized with his own whip by jealous Alma, who realizes the extent of Starke's feelings for Lise. In response, he fatally strangles Alma. Lise gives birth to a child, but the baby is killed by the Commandant because it is "half-Jewish", and a "half-breed" would have no place in the world. Back in the present day, Lise and Starke still stand in the ruined camp and are having sex. Lise shoots him and his body falls into a pit. In alternate edits of the film, Lise shoots Starke and then herself.[citation needed]


Gestapo's Last Orgy was part of a sub-genre of exploitation films created in the early 1970s called Naziploitation.[2] These films were primarily produced in the United States and Italy.[2] Among the films, particularly the ones produced in Italy such as Captive Women 4 and La bestia in calore and Gestapo's Last Orgy


Gestapo's Last Orgy passed Italian censors on January 28, 1977.[1] It has been released under several English titles on home video including Gestapo's Last Orgy and Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler.[3]


From retrospective reviews, Robert Firsching of AllMovie declared that that among the Nazi-themed Italian sex and horror oriented films made after the release of The Night Porter, Gestapo's Last Orgy was "among the best made and absorbing of its ilk."[4]



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