June 2012 San Francisco general election

The June 2012 San Francisco general elections were held on June 5, 2012 in San Francisco, California. The elections included seats of various parties' county central committees and two San Francisco ballot measures.


Note: "City" refers to the San Francisco municipal government.

Proposition A[edit]


Proposition A would change the permit system for awarding garbage disposal and recycling contracts to a competitive bidding process, prohibit a company from providing both garbage disposal and recycling services, require that the City own all recycling and garbage disposal facilities, and require the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to set garbage disposal rates.

Proposition A
Choice Votes %
Referendum failed No 106,848 76.57
Yes 32,697 23.43
Valid votes 139,545 96.16
Invalid or blank votes 5,560 3.83
Total votes 145,105 100.00

Proposition B[edit]


Proposition B would make it City policy to limit commercial and private events at Coit Tower and use revenues from its concessions for maintaining the tower and surrounding Pioneer Park.

Proposition B
Choice Votes %
Referendum passed Yes 72,672 53.43
No 63,336 46.57
Valid votes 136,008 93.73
Invalid or blank votes 9,097 6.27
Total votes 145,105 100.00

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