John of Sittingbourne

John of Sittingbourne
Archbishop of Canterbury-elect
Elected16 March 1232
Quashed12 June 1232
PredecessorRalph Neville
SuccessorJohn Blund
Other postsPrior of Christ Church
Consecrationnever consecrated
Personal details
Diedbefore 1238

John of Sittingbourne (died before 1238) was Archbishop of Canterbury-elect in 1232.

John was a monk of Christ Church Priory, Canterbury, and was selected as prior of Christ Church in 1222.[1] John was elected to the archbishopric on 16 March 1232, but his election was quashed on 12 June 1232[2] when he resigned the office at the papal court.[3]

John died sometime before 1238.[1]



Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Ralph Neville
Archbishop of Canterbury
election quashed

Succeeded by
John Blund