Jabal Ram

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Jabal Ramm
جبل رم
A wide rocky tan-colored ridge, reaching a high point in the middle, over a desert of reddish sand with a smaller prominence in the foreground
Jabal Ramm from east
Highest point
Elevation1,734 m (5,689 ft)
Coordinates29°35′00″N 35°24′00″E / 29.58333°N 35.40000°E / 29.58333; 35.40000Coordinates: 29°35′00″N 35°24′00″E / 29.58333°N 35.40000°E / 29.58333; 35.40000
English translationMountain of the Ramm
Language of nameArabic
LocationWadi Rum, Jordan
First ascent1949

Jabal Ram is a mountain in Jordan. Most authorities give its elevation as 1,734 m (5,689 ft) above sea level. It was once thought to be the highest point in Jordan, but SRTM data shows that Jabal Umm al Dami is 1,854 m (6,083 ft)[1] above sea level and therefore higher.

Traditional climbing routes over its eastern face make it one of the main attractions for climbers.

There are about ten scrambling routes across the mountain.

Tony Howard wrote a valuable book about Jordan, including Wadi Rum and Jabal Rum: Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

The most popular scrambling routes are the Thamudic and Sheikh Hamdans.


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