Irene Marcuse

Irene Marcuse is an American author of mystery novels. She was a finalist for the Agatha Award in 2000.

Marcuse holds a BA in Literature and Creative Writing and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. She is the granddaughter of social philosopher Herbert Marcuse and daughter of his only child Peter Marcuse.


Marcuse's Anita Servi series includes:

  • The Death of an Amiable Child (2000)
  • Guilty Mind (2001)
  • Consider the Alternative (2002)
  • Under the Manhattan Bridge (2004)

Her book "Under the Manhattan Bridge" is set in October 2001, in a city still coping with the impact of 9/11. According to a review in The New York Times of post-9/11 mystery novels, it features "garbage trucks used as barricades and surreally polite New Yorkers."[1]


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