Institute on the Constitution

Logo of the Institute on the Constitution

The Institute on the Constitution is a think-tank and educational organization based in Pasadena, Maryland. The Institute is a project of the American College of Cultural Studies. The Institute's aim "is intended to reconnect Americans to the history of the American Republic and to their heritage of freedom under the law." The Institute educates students about American history and Constitutional government from a "constitutional conservative" perspective.

The Institute also offers a course on Jury Duty, stating that: "The duty of the jury is to judge the law and the facts in order to defend our Constitutional Republic, yet Americans have been taught that the jury serves a radically different purpose. Most modern Americans believe that the jury’s duty is to follow the particular instructions of a judge and evaluate “justice” for a plaintiff or defendant in light of the manipulated presentation of evidence in the courtroom. This erroneous view is actually destructive to the very justice for which the role of the jury was established."

The Institute is heavily associated with the Constitution Party. It is funded primarily by the law firm of 2004 Constitution Party presidential nominee Michael Peroutka. Maryland Republican Party Delegate Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. and former Republican David K. Kyle have both served as directors of the Institute.

The Institute is also heavily involved in the efforts of Judge Roy Moore.

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