Hunchun National Nature Reserve

Hunchun National Nature Reserve
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Landscape in Changbai Mountains
Map showing the location of Hunchun National Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Hunchun National Nature Reserve
Coordinates42°50′N 130°44′E / 42.833°N 130.733°E / 42.833; 130.733Coordinates: 42°50′N 130°44′E / 42.833°N 130.733°E / 42.833; 130.733
Area1,087 km2 (420 sq mi)

Hunchun National Nature Reserve (Chinese: 珲春国家级自然保护区) is a protected area in the Changbai Mountains in northeastern China's Jilin Province. It was established in December 2001 and covers 1,087 km2 (420 sq mi) of deciduous and coniferous forests.[1][2] Wildlife recorded in the reserve include Siberian tiger, Amur leopard, sika deer, roe deer, red deer and wild boar.[3][4]


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