Help:Referencing for beginners with citation templates

Here is an easy way to cite a newspaper article. (See Wikipedia:Citation templates for other types of citations.) Simply copy and paste the following immediately after what you want to reference:


Simply put as much information as you can to the right of the equal signs.

Inflation seems unlikely in 2010.<ref>{}</ref>

Reporter Patricia Sabatini goes to the right of the "author =" field. Leave fields like "pages =" blank if they don't apply. The accessdate is when you fetched the online reference; the date is when the article was published. The url is the web address, like ''http://www.etc''. The reference should look like this:

Inflation seems unlikely in 2010.[1]


  1. ^ Patricia Sabatini (October 16, 2009). "Inflation unlikely to be a threat as economy emerges from recession". Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Retrieved January 5, 2010. ...the Federal Reserve would continue to leave interest rates at record lows.

That's it! You're done. Good luck!