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Page information shows information about a page on Wikipedia. A link to "Page information" is in the Tools panel of the sidebar.

Basic information

Field Explanation Example for Wikipedia:Sandbox
Display title See WP:DISPLAYTITLE Wikipedia:Sandbox
Default sort key See Help:Defaultsort Sandbox
Page length (in bytes) Total size of page content in bytes 440
Page ID See mw:Page id 16283969
Page content language See mw:Page content language en - English
Page content model Type of content (eg. wiki content, or program code like CSS or JavaScript).
See also mw:Manual:ContentHandler
Indexing by robots See WP:NOINDEX. Allowed
Number of page watchers See Help:Watchlist#watchers. Precise number only given if above 30 (for security reasons). 18,081
Number of page watchers who visited recent edits Number of watchers who have visited any revision made 180 days or less earlier than the most recent one. 333
Number of redirects to this page 43
Number of subpages of this page 14 (8 redirects; 6 non-redirects)
Wikidata item ID Q3938
Central description Description on Wikidata page intended for test edits
Page image (This field is optional, and may be missing on some articles) Example.jpg
Page views in the past 30 days 24,100

Page protection

Field Explanation Example for Wikipedia:Sandbox
Edit If the page is protected, this indicates what authorisation level is required for making changes. Allow all users (no expiry set)
Move If the page is protected, this indicates what authorisation level is required for moving (or renaming) the page. Allow all users (no expiry set)

Edit history

Field Explanation Example for Wikipedia:Sandbox
Page creator Username (talk | contribs)
Date of page creation (Time is in UTC). Registered users may set a time zone. 01:44, 2 January 2006
Latest editor Username (talk | contribs)
Date of latest edit (Time is in UTC). 04:09, 13 December 2015
Total number of edits 670,900
Recent number of edits (within past 30 days) 800
Recent number of distinct authors 300

Page properties

Field Explanation Example for Wikipedia:Sandbox
Magic words (Optional) If the page uses any internal behaviour switched, this row shows which behaviour switches are enabled. (None)
Hidden categories (Optional) If the page is part of any hidden categories, this row shows the categories in question. (None)
Transcluded templates
  • Template:Also (edit) (semi-protected)
  • Template:See also (view source) (template protected)
  • Module:Arguments (view source) (template protected)
  • Module:Hatnote (view source) (template protected)
  • Module:See also (view source) (template protected)
  • Module:TableTools (view source) (template protected)
Wikidata entities
  • Entity used in this page
    • List of properties of those entities used in this page

Lint errors

This information section shows results from scanning the page for Lint errors. These are detected by the Extension:Linter program.

Header and footer

When viewing page information, the wiki software can show additional custom text at the start and end of the page.

The top of the information page (before the first section for "Basic information") comes from the MediaWiki:Pageinfo-header template. It is blank by default, but individual wikis can add content here. For example, on English Wikipedia, the header is used to link to the page you are currently reading.

The bottom of the information can be customised via the MediaWiki:Pageinfo-footer. template It is blank by default but can be set at each wiki. For example, on English Wikipedia, it is used to create an addition section with "External tools".