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This is a list of government and municipal institutions of Latvia and their subordinated institutions with executive powers:

Main institutions[edit]

Latvian Chancery of the President[1]


Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia[3]

Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia[4]

The State Audit Office[5]

Latvijas Banka[6]

The Central Election Commission[7]

The Financial and Capital Market Commission[8]

The Ombudsman's Office[9]

The National Council for Electronic Media[10]

The Public Utilities Commission[11]

Prime Minister's subordinate bodies[edit]

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau[12]

Society Integration Foundation[13]

Coordination Centre of Policy Sectors[14]

Ministries of the Republic of Latvia[edit]

Ministry of Defence[edit]

National Armed Forces[15]

National Defence Academy[16]

Recruiting and Youth Guard Centre[17]

Military Intelligence and Security Service[18]

Latvian Geospatial Information Agency[19]

National Defence Military Objects and Procurement Centre[20]

State Agency "Latvian War Museum"[21]

Military magazine "Tēvijas Sargs"[22]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs[edit]

The Latvian Institute[23]

Ministry of Economics[edit]

Latvian Investment and Development Agency[24]

Tourism Development Agency[25]

Consumer Rights Protection Centre[26]

The Central Statistical Bureau[27]

Standardization, Accreditation and Metrology Centre[28]

Competition Council[29]

Ministry of Finance[edit]

Treasury of the Republic of Latvia[30]

Procurement Monitoring Bureau[31]

Central Finance and Contracting Agency[32]

Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection[33]

State Revenue Service[34]

Ministry of the Interior[edit]

Latvian State Police[35]

The Security Police[36]

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs[37]

Ministry of the Interior Information Centre[38]

State Fire and Rescue Service[39]

Provision State Agency[40]

Interior Ministry of Health and Sports Center[41]

Clinic of the Ministry of the Interior [42]

State Border Guard[43]

Ministry of Science and Education[edit]

Higher Education Quality Evaluation Center[44]

State Education Centre[45]

State Education Quality Service[46]

State Education Development Agency[47]

Latvian Academic Information Centre[48]

Studies and Science Administration[49]

State Agency "Latvian Language Agency"[50]

Latvian Council of Science[51]

Latvian Academy of Sciences[52]

Social Correction Educational Institution "Naukšēni"[53]

Youth International Programme Agency[54]

State Agency "Latvian Sports Museum"[55]

Murjāņi Sports Gymnasium[56]

Ministry of Culture[edit]

Latvian National Archives[57]

State Inspection for Heritage Protection[58]

The National Film Centre[59]

Cultural and Intangible Heritage Center[60]

Ministry of Welfare[edit]

State Labour Inspection[61]

State Children Rights Protection Inspectorate[62]

State Social Insurance Agency[63]

Social Integration State Agency[64]

Health and Work Expert Physicians' Commission[65]

National Employment Agency[66]

Ministry of Transport[edit]

Latvian Civil Aviation Agency[67]

Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau[68]

The State Railway Technical Inspectorate[69]

State Railway Administration[70]

Ministry of Justice[edit]

Constitution Protection Bureau[71]

State Land Service[72]

The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia[73]

Data State Inspectorate[74]

The Court Administration[75]

State Probation Service[76]

State Forensic Science Bureau[77]

State Agency "Insolvency Administration"[78]

Maintenance Guarantee Fund Administration[79]

Prison Administration[80]

Patent Office[81]

State Language Centre[82]

The Legal Aid Administration[83]

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development[edit]

The State Environmental Service[84]

Nature Protection Board[85]

State Agency "Latvian Museum of Natural History"[86]

State Regional Development Agency[87]

State Environmental Bureau[88]

State Agency "National Botanic Garden of Latvia"[89]

Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology[90]

Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration[91]

Ministry of Health[edit]

The National Health Service[92]

Disease Prevention and Control Center[93]

Health Inspectorate of Latvia[94]

State Emergency Medical Service[95]

State Agency of Medicines[96]

State Blood Donor Center[97]

State Forensic Science Bureau[98]

National Sports Medicine Centre[99]

Pauls Stradiņš Museum of Medical History[100]

Riga Stradiņš University[101]

Ministry of Agriculture[edit]

Rural Support Service[102]

State Forest Service[103]

State Plant Protection Service[104]

State Agency "Agricultural Data Centre"[105]

Latvian State Institute of Agrarian Economics[106]

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies[107]

State Technical Supervision Agency[108]

Latvian State Institute of Fruit-Growing[109]

State Stende Cereals Breeding Institute[110]

State Priekuļi Plant Breeding Institute[111]

Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava"[112]

National Research Institute of "Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment Research Institute"[113]

Food and Veterinary Service[114]


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