George B. Glover

George B. Glover (traditional Chinese: 吉羅福, simplified Chinese: 吉罗福; 8 Jul 1827 - 4 Oct 1885[1]) was an American who served as a diplomat and also a commissioner in the Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs Service during the late nineteenth century.


Apr 1858 or before
- Sep 1858 or after
United States Vice-Consul and Acting Consul at Shanghai[2]
around Jun 1859 United States Consul at Shanghai[3]
1859-1870 Commissioner of Maritime Customs at Canton (see Fairbank et al.,[4] p. 41)
1870-1872 on home leave (see Fairbank et al.,[4] p. 70)
Apr 1872-Oct 1873 Commissioner of Maritime Customs at Fuhchau[5]
around 1876 Commissioner of Maritime Customs at Shanghai (see Fairbank et al.,[4] p. 227)
around 1877 Chairman of Shantung Famine Relief Fund (China Famine Relief Fund later)[6]
around 1879 Consul at Shanghai[7]
around 1882 Commissioner of Maritime Customs at Kiukiang[8]


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