Fernando Pasarin

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Fernando Pasarin
BornOviedo, Spain
Notable works
Green Lantern Corps

Fernando Pasarin is a Spanish comic book artist.


Pasarin got his start in the Franco-Belgian comics market. He pencilled such series as Strangers and Phenix (written by Jean-Marc Lofficier) for Hexagon Comics, as well as Les Fils de la Louve (written by Patrick Weber) for Le Lombard.[1][2] His breakthrough into the American market occurred in late 2007, when he worked with Greg Tocchini as a fill-in artist for the DC Comics title Ion: Guardian of the Universe.[3][4] He was credited as a penciller in issues #9, 11, and 12, although according to Pasarin he only drew for issue #9.[5] Over the next few years, he continued to work for DC Comics, penciling series such as Justice Society of America, Oracle: The Cure, Tangent: Superman's Reign and The Outsiders.[4]

In 2010, it was announced that he would pencil the first issue, issue #0, of DC's Blackest Night follow-up series, Brightest Day.[6]


Interior pencil art (except where noted) includes:[7]



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