Enu language

Native toChina
Native speakers
14,000 (2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3enu

Enu or Ximoluo (Chinese: 西摩洛; autonym: ŋɔ˧˩ŋjv̩˧˩ (Jiang, et al. 2009:4)) is a Hanoish language of the Bi-Ka branch spoken by 14,000 people of the Hani ethnic group (Jiang, et al. 2009). It is spoken in the counties of Mojiang, Jiangcheng, and Luchun in Yunnan, China.


Ximoluo is spoken mostly in Yayi Township 雅邑乡, south-central Mojiang County, where most of the locals are classified as ethnic Hani, Han, Yi, and Dai (Jiang, et al. 2009:4). There are more than 8,000 Ximoluo people in Yayi Township, in the villages of Yayi 雅邑,[3] Xuka 徐卡,[4] Nanwen 南温,[5] Zuoxi 座细,[6] and Nanniwan 南泥湾,[7] and also smaller numbers in Xialuopu 下洛浦,[8] Baga 巴嘎,[9] and Bali 坝利.[10]


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