Duronto Express

Duronto Express
12290 Nagpur Duronto Express at Mumbai CST station.jpg
First service2009; 10 years ago (2009)
Current operator(s)Indian Railways
On-board services
Class(es)1A, 2A, 3A, SL
Seating arrangementsYes
Sleeping arrangementsYes
Catering facilitiesOn-board catering
Baggage facilitiesUnderseat
Rolling stockLHB, ICF rake
Track gaugeIndian Gauge
1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speedAvg: 60 to 85 km/h
Max: 130 km/h
Track owner(s)Indian Railways

Duronto Express[1] is a category of long-distance non stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Initially these trains did not have any ticketing stops between the origin and the destination, but since January 2016 it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. "Duronto" means "Non-stop" in Bangla. These trains' coaches have characteristic yellow-green livery which contains a bi-meaning signature which are a field full of flower and a river flowing over it, 2nd meaning is a boy is running on the fields which signifies the meaning of Duronto. Duronto Express services connect the several metros and major state capitals of India. As of now, there are only two Duronto expresses that runs on daily basis, one being Nagpur-CSMT Duronto and other one being Mumbai Central-Rajkot AC Duronto.


The Government of India's Ministry of Railways (India) has been trying to introduce high-speed rail in India. In 2007, the ministry chose the 500-kilometre stretch between Delhi and Amritsar for a pre-feasibility study.[2] On 19 January 2009, Railway Minister, Mamata Banerjee, said that the ministry was in the process of appointing global consultants for introducing the high-speed trains on certain routes. Besides the Delhi-Amritsar route, Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad, Hyderabad-Dornakal-Vijaywada-Chennai, Chennai-Bangalore-Coimbatore-Ernakulam-Thiruvananthapuram and Howrah-Haldia.[3] But, this High Speed rail service for India is expected to be completed on a long run.

Meanwhile, non-stop Duronto Express trains were introduced in 2009–10 as a first step towards high-speed rail travel in India.[4] The first Duronto ran between Sealdah and New Delhi.

List of Duronto Express trains[edit]

New Delhi-Bhubaneswar Duronto Express
Secunderabad to Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express
# Train No. Train Name Avg Speed
1 12213/12214 Yeshvantapur Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Duronto Express 75.64 km/h (47 mph)
2 12219/12220 Secunderabad Mumbai Duronto Express 64.38 km/h (40 mph)
3 12221/12222 Pune Howrah Duronto Express 72.42 km/h (45 mph)
4 12223/12224 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Ernakulam Duronto Express 60 km/h (37 mph)
5 12227/12228 Indore Duronto Express 65.99 km/h (41 mph)
6 12239/12240 Jaipur Duronto Express 72.42 km/h (45 mph)
7 12245/12246 Howrah Yeshvantapur Duronto Express 67.59 km/h (42 mph)
8 12259/12260 Sealdah – New Delhi Duronto Express 87 km/h (54 mph)
9 12261/12262 Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto Express 75 km/h (47 mph)
10 12263/12264 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Express 76 km/h (47 mph)
11 12265/12266 Delhi Sarai Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto Express 64.38 km/h (40 mph)
12 12267/12268 Mumbai Central–Rajkot Duronto Express 77.24 km/h (48 mph)
13 12269/12270 Chennai Duronto Express 78 km/hr
14 12273/12274 Howrah New Delhi Duronto Express 84 km/hr
15 12281/12282 Bhubaneswar Duronto Express 77 km/hr
16 12283/12284 Ernakulam Duronto Express 64 km/hr
17 12285/12286 Secunderabad Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express 78 km/hr
18 12289/12290 Nagpur Duronto express 74 km/hr
19 12293/12294 Allahabad Duronto Express 70 km/hr
20 12297/12298 Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express 82 km/hr
21 22201/22202 Sealdah Puri Duronto Express 64 km/hr
22 22203/22204 Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Duronto Express 73 km/hr
23 22205/22206 Chennai Madurai AC Duronto Express 64 km/h (40 mph)
24 22213/22214 Kolkata Shalimar – Patna Duronto Express 62 km/hr
25 22209/22210 Mumbai New Delhi Duronto Express 82 km/hr
Yeswanthapur-Howrah Duronto Express leaving Yeswanthapur Railway Station

List of Defunct Duronto Express trains[edit]

# Previous Service Now running as
1 Ajmer Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express Ajmer Hazrat Nizamuddin Jan Shatabdi Express
2 Howrah Puri Duronto Express Howrah - Puri Shatabdi Express
3 Chennai Coimbatore Duronto Express Chennai Coimbatore Shatabdi Express
4 Chennai Thiruvananthapuram Duronto Express Chennai Thiruvananthapuram AC Superfast Express
5 Amritsar Chandigarh Duronto Express Amritsar Chandigarh Superfast Express
6 Lucknow New Delhi Duronto Express Lucknow–New Delhi AC Superfast Express
7 Howrah Digha Duronto Express Howrah Digha Super AC Express[5]
8 Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Express Allahabad - New Delhi Humsafar Express

Efficiency and speed[edit]

12290 Nagpur Duronto Express at Mumbai CST station

The Duronto Expresses are one of the fastest trains in India. These trains run faster than Rajdhani Express[6] trains which hold the record of the fastest long-distance trains in India. For example, the New DelhiSealdah Duronto Express takes 16 hours to cover the journey against 17 hours taken by Rajdhani Express. The trains will adhere to the speed limit of 130 km/h. New Delhi - Sealdah Duronto express has a top speed of 130 km/h The Chennai, Sealdah, Yeshwantpur and Pune Duronto run at a speed of 130 km/h.The Howrah/Allahabad/Bhubaneshwar New Delhi, Secunderabad Hazrat Nizamuddin, with Hybrid-LHB rakes is the only Duronto permitted to run at a speed of 120 km/h[7] In March 2011, the cost of travel in the Duronto Express went up as the Minister of Railways announced a hike in railway fare. The decision to hike railway fares resulted in trouble across the Government and were rolled back,[8] only to be raised again on 1 April.[9] A feature exclusive to the Duronto is the LHB Sleeper coach. The sleeper class is the most common coach, and usually ten or more coaches could be attached.Dynamic pricing is applicable on all Duronto expresses

Incidents and accidents[edit]

  • In January 2010, the passengers of the Duronto Express between Nagpur and Mumbai complained about passengers without confirmed tickets travelling inside the reserved coaches.[10]
  • In May 2010, at least 19 passengers on board the Ernakulam Duronto Express were admitted to the Government General Hospital after complaining of food poisoning.[11]
  • In June 2010, the Howrah Mumbai CST Duronto express faced interruption as its engine and generator car were detached from the rest of the train's coaches due to technical problems. The problem was fixed within less than an hour.[12]
  • In June 2013, the 12264 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Duronto derailed near Monkey Hill due to a landslide. No injuries were reported & the train reached 5 hours late at Pune Junction [1].
  • In September 2015, 12220 Secunderabad Mumbai Duronto Express Express derailed at Martur station between Shahbad and Gulbarga on Solapur Division in Karnataka at around 2:15 am. Two passengers were killed and more than 30 injured when eight of its coaches were derailed.[13]
  • On August 29, 2017 12290 Nagpur Duronto Express heading towards Mumbai derailed between Vasind and Asangaon stations at 6.30 AM as heavy rains had caused mud slides onto the tracks which actually caused the derailment. No casualties were reported in official statement by Railway department.[14]
  • On January 17, 2019 unidentified persons entered into Jammu-Delhi Duronto near Badli, Delhi and looted the passengers.
  • On May 10, 2019 engine failure caused late departure of the train from Mumbai central by an hour.
  • On August 11, 2019 Yesvantpur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Duronto Express was cancelled due to "unavoidable circumstances".

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