DC Web Women

DC Web Women (DCWW) is a nonprofit professional organization for women in technology and new media based in the Washington, DC area. Established in 1999,[1] the organization's vision is "to educate, inspire and encourage girls and women in the field of technology."[2] The organization hosts an email discussion list, and sponsors monthly workshops and networking events.


DC Web Women began in 1999 as a chapter of Webgrrls.[3] The group was started in a coffee shop by Debbie Weil and Catherine Buzzel.[2] This initial meeting between the two women led to a second meeting in a women owned internet café in the Washington DC area with three additional like-minded women: Cathy Ganssle, Shellie Holubek, and Miriam Jaffe. This meeting led to the foundation of the organization DC Web Women.[2]

On February 15, 1999, the organization registered as a non-profit and was renamed to "DC Web Women."[2]


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