Coalition pour la Vie et la Famille

Coalition for Life and Family

Coalition pour la Vie et la Famille
ChairmanAlain Escada
General secretaryStefano Pistilli
Founded5 September 2016 (5 September 2016)
HeadquartersAv Wielemans Ceuppens 56, 1190 Forest, Brussels, Belgium[1]
IdeologySocial conservativism
Political catholicism
Political positionFar-right
European Parliament
1 / 751

The Coalition for Life and Family or Coalition pour la Vie et la Famille (fr, CPVF) is a European political party that especially opposes abortion and promotes traditional family values, they are against homosexuality. In 2017, the party requested recognition by the European Parliament and the political party funding that this entails.[2][3] This was granted for the year 2017, as the party had eight members of national and regional parliaments (required: seven) from seven different countries (required: seven).

The main activity of the CPVF is carried by the French organisation Civitas. Civitas has acted as a party since April 2016.[4] Civitas can be categorised as arch-conservative Catholic[5][6] nationalist,[7] and far-right.[8][9][10][11] The party is close to the Society of Saint Pius X. [12] The party chairman is the Belgian Alain Escada, who is also chairman of Civitas. Civitas member François-Xavier Peron is the co-founder of CPVF. In France, Civitas and Escada cooperate closely with the convicted holocaust denier Jean-Marie Le Pen and the Parti de la France.[13]

CPVF has no members in the European Parliament, but members in the national and regional parliaments of Austria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Slovakia.[14] Surprisingly, CPVF's former Latvian member, Mihails Zemļinskis is a member of Social Democratic Party "Harmony", while this party's only member of European Parliament, Andrejs Mamikins, sat with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats group.


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