Chu (Chinese surname)

Chu character in ancient script on top, standard script at the bottom

Chu is the pinyin romanization of several different Chinese family names, which including Chǔ, Chǔ, Chǔ, Chù, etc.

However, in the Wade-Giles romanization system, Chu stands for 朱 (Zhu in pinyin), also can refer to several Chinese family names. In Hong Kong, Macao, this is also the spelling for the surname .

In Taiwan, the last name Chu can be referred to (Zhu in pinyin), 曲(Qu in pinyin), 祝(Zhù in Pinyin), etc.

Notable people named Chu[edit]

楚 Chǔ[edit]

The name is transliterated as Sở in Vietnamese

储 Chǔ[edit]

  • Chu Anping, scholar and liberal journalist in the 20th century
  • Chu Bo (b. 1944), politician

褚 Chǔ[edit]

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