California State Treasurer

State Treasurer of California
Seal of the State Treasurer of California
Fiona Ma (cropped).jpg
Fiona Ma

since January 7, 2019
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, two term limit
Inaugural holderRichard Roman
FormationCalifornia Constitution

The California State Treasurer is responsible for the state's investment and finance. The post has narrower responsibilities and authority than the California State Controller. Some of the responsibilities include issuing bonds and notes for the state, and trustee, as well as registrar and paying agent for all general obligation bonds and certain revenue bonds investment of temporarily idle state money. The administration of the state's budgets, financial analyses and planning, money allocation, and economic research is under the California Department of Finance.

The state treasurer assumes office by way of election. The term of office is a four-year term but is limited to two terms. Elections for the State Treasurer are held on a four-year concurrent basis with the election of the Governor. The current state treasurer is Fiona Ma.


  • As the state's banker, manages the state’s investments.
  • Administers the sale of state bonds and notes and is the investment officer for most state funds.
  • Chairs or serves on several commissions, most of which relate to the marketing of bonds.
  • Pays out state funds when spent by the Controller and other state agencies.

List of Treasurers[edit]

Name Term Party
Richard Roman 1849–1854 Democratic
Selden A. McMeans 1854–1856 Democratic
Henry Bates 1856–1857 American
James L. English 1857–1858 American
Thomas Findley 1858–1862 Democratic
Delos R. Ashley 1862–1863 Republican
Romualdo Pacheco 1863–1867 Republican
Antonio F. Coronel 1867–1871 Democratic
Ferdinand Baehr 1871–1875 Republican
José G. Estudillo 1875–1880 Democratic
John Weil 1880–1883 Republican
William A. January 1883–1884 Democratic
Denis J. Oullahan 1884–1887 Democratic
Adam Herold 1887–1891 Democratic
J. R. McDonald 1891–1895 Republican
Levi Rackliffe 1895–1898 Republican
Will S. Green 1898–1899 Democratic
Truman Reeves 1899–1907 Republican
William R. Williams 1907–1911 Republican
Edward D. Roberts 1911–1915 Republican
Friend William Richardson 1915–1923 Progressive; Republican
Charles G. Johnson 1923–1956 Republican
A. Ronald Button 1956–1959 Republican
Bert A. Betts 1959–1967 Democratic
Ivy Baker Priest 1967–1975 Republican
Jesse M. Unruh 1975–1987 Democratic
Elizabeth Whitney 1987–1989
Thomas W. Hayes 1989–1991 Republican
Kathleen Brown 1991–1995 Democratic
Matt Fong 1995–1999 Republican
Phil Angelides 1999–2007 Democratic
Bill Lockyer 2007–2015 Democratic
John Chiang 2015–2019 Democratic
Fiona Ma 2019–Present Democratic

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