Warrior form of Gayatri or Saraswati
1 Brahmani-matrika-devi.jpg
Brahmani depicted as feminine version of Brahma
AffiliationAvatar of Adi Parashakti, (Durga), Parvati, Shakti, Devi, Matrika, and also Warrior Gayatri / Saraswati
AbodeKailash, Brahmaloka
ConsortShiva as Asitanga Bhairava or Brahma

Brahmani (Sanskrit: ब्रह्माणी, IAST: Brahmāṇī) or Brahmi (Sanskrit: ब्राह्मी, IAST: Brāhmī), is one of the Sapt Matrika (seven Mother) Goddesses called Matrikas.[1][2] She is a form of Gayatri and is considered as the Shakti of the creator god Brahma in Hinduism.

She is an aspect of Adi Shakti, possessing the "Rajas Guna" and therefore is the source of Brahma's power.


The Goddess Ambika (identified with Durga or Chandi) leading the Eight Matrikas in battle (top row, from the left) Narasinhmi, Vaishnavi, Kaumari, Maheshvari, Brahmani. (bottom row, from left) Varahi, Aindri and Chamunda or Kali against the Rakshasa Raktabija. A Folio from a Devi Mahatmya. Devi Brahmani is depicted as riding on a white swan in the battle with sword and shield in her arms.

She is depicted yellow in colour and with four heads. She may be depicted with four or six arms. Like Brahma, she holds a rosary or noose and kamandalu (water pot) or lotus stalk or , bells , vedas and trident and is seated on a hamsa (identified with a swan or goose) as her vahana (mount or vehicle). She is also shown seated on a lotus with the hamsa on her banner. She wears various ornaments and is distinguished by her basket-shaped crown called karaṇḍa mukuṭa. She is shown riding a white swan, as here vahana.


She is "Kuldevi" of Vankar(Weaver), Prajapati (KumBhaar), and other communities of Rajasthan and Kutch like Dodiya Rajputs and KGK Community.[3]

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