Box of Fire

Box of Fire
Box set by
ReleasedNovember 22, 1994
GenreHard rock, blues rock
ProducerAerosmith, Adrian Barber, Tony Bongiovi, Ray Colcord, Don DeVito, Jack Douglas, Bob Ezrin, David Krebs, Steve Leber, Gary Lyons, George Marino, Paul O'Neill
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Box of Fire
Classic Aerosmith: The Universal Masters Collection
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Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars [1]
Rolling Stone2/5 stars [2]

Box of Fire is a box set album with all 12 single-disc albums released by Aerosmith under their first contract with Columbia Records. Additionally, the set includes a 20 minute bonus disc of previously unreleased recordings. Box of Fire was released in 1994.

Track listing[edit]

Aerosmith (Disc 1)[edit]

1."Make It"Steven Tyler3:38
2."Somebody"Tyler, Steven Emspack3:45
3."Dream On"Tyler4:27
4."One Way Street"Tyler7:00
5."Mama Kin"Tyler4:27
6."Write Me a Letter"Tyler4:10
7."Movin' Out"Tyler, Joe Perry5:02
8."Walkin' the Dog"Rufus Thomas3:12

Get Your Wings (Disc 2)[edit]

1."Same Old Song and Dance"Tyler, Perry3:53
2."Lord of the Thighs"Tyler4:14
3."Spaced"Tyler, Perry4:22
4."Woman of the World"Tyler, Don Solomon5:48
5."S.O.S. (Too Bad)"Tyler2:51
6."Train Kept A-Rollin'"Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann5:33
7."Seasons of Wither"Tyler5:39
8."Pandora's Box"Tyler, Joey Kramer5:44

Toys in the Attic (Disc 3)[edit]

1."Toys in the Attic"Tyler, Perry3:05
2."Uncle Salty"Tyler, Tom Hamilton4:10
3."Adam's Apple"Tyler4:34
4."Walk This Way"Tyler, Perry3:40
5."Big Ten Inch Record"Fred Weismantel2:16
6."Sweet Emotion"Tyler, Hamilton4:34
7."No More No More"Tyler, Perry4:34
8."Round and Round"Tyler, Brad Whitford5:03
9."You See Me Crying"Tyler, Don Solomon5:12

Rocks (Disc 4)[edit]

1."Back in the Saddle"Tyler, Perry4:39
2."Last Child"Tyler, Whitford3:27
3."Rats in the Cellar"Tyler, Perry4:06
5."Sick as a Dog"Tyler, Hamilton4:12
6."Nobody's Fault"Tyler, Whitford4:25
7."Get the Lead Out"Tyler, Perry3:42
8."Lick and a Promise"Tyler, Perry3:05
9."Home Tonight"Tyler3:16

Draw the Line (Disc 5)[edit]

1."Draw the Line"Tyler, Perry3:23
2."I Wanna Know Why"Tyler, Perry3:09
3."Critical Mass"Tyler, Hamilton, Jack Douglas4:53
4."Get It Up"Tyler, Perry4:02
5."Bright Light Fright"Perry2:19
6."Kings and Queens"Tyler, Whitford, Hamilton, Kramer, Douglas4:55
7."The Hand That Feeds"Tyler, Whitford, Hamilton, Kramer, Douglas4:23
8."Sight for Sore Eyes"Tyler, Perry, Douglas, David Johansen3:56
9."Milk Cow Blues"Kokomo Arnold4:14

Live! Bootleg (Disc 6)[edit]

1."Back in the Saddle" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)Tyler, Perry4:25
2."Sweet Emotion" (Chicago, IL, 24 March 1978)Tyler, Hamilton4:42
3."Lord of the Thighs" (Chicago, IL, 23 March 1978)Tyler7:18
4."Toys in the Attic" (Boston, MA, 28 March 1978)Tyler, Perry3:45
5."Last Child" (The Paradise Club, Boston, MA, 9 August 1978)Tyler, Whitford3:14
6."Come Together" (The Wherehouse, Waltham, MA, 21 August 1978)John Lennon, Paul McCartney4:51
7."Walk This Way" (Detroit, MI, 2 April 1978)Tyler, Perry3:46
8."Sick as a Dog" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)Tyler, Hamilton4:42
9."Dream On" (Louisville, KY, 3 July 1977)Tyler4:31
10."Chip Away the Stone" (The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 8 April 1978)Richard Supa4:12
11."Sight for Sore Eyes" (Columbus, OH, 24 March 1978)Tyler, Perry, Douglas, Johansen3:18
12."Mama Kin" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)Tyler3:43
13."S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)Tyler2:46
14."I Ain't Got You" (Paul's Mall, Boston, MA, 23 April 1973; WBCN-FM radio simulcast)Calvin Carter3:57
15."Mother Popcorn/Draw the Line" (Paul's Mall, Boston, MA, 23 April 1973; WBCN-FM radio simulcast / Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA, March 26, 1978)James Brown, Pee Wee Ellis / Tyler, Perry11:35
16."Train Kept A-Rollin'/Strangers in the Night" (Detroit, MI, 2 April 1978)Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann / Bert Kaempfert, Charlie Singleton, Eddie Snyder4:51

Night in the Ruts (Disc 7)[edit]

1."No Surprize"Tyler, Perry4:25
2."Chiquita"Tyler, Perry4:24
3."Remember (Walking in the Sand)"Shadow Morton4:05
4."Cheese Cake"Tyler, Perry4:15
5."Three Mile Smile"Tyler, Perry3:42
6."Reefer Head Woman"Joe Bennett, Jazz Gillum, Lester Melrose4:02
7."Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)"Tyler, Perry2:59
8."Think About It"Keith Relf, Jimmy Page, Jim McCarty3:35

Greatest Hits (Disc 8)[edit]

1."Dream On"Tyler4:28
2."Same Old Song and Dance"Tyler, Perry3:01
3."Sweet Emotion"Tyler, Hamilton3:12
4."Walk This Way"Tyler, Perry3:31
5."Last Child"Tyler, Whitford3:27
6."Back in the Saddle"Tyler, Perry4:38
7."Draw the Line"Tyler, Perry3:21
8."Kings and Queens"Tyler, Hamilton, Kramer, Whitford, Douglas3:48
9."Come Together"Lennon, McCartney3:45
10."Remember (Walking in the Sand)"Morton4:05

Rock in a Hard Place (Disc 9)[edit]

1."Jailbait"Tyler, Jimmy Crespo4:38
2."Lightning Strikes"Supa4:26
3."Bitch's Brew"Tyler, Crespo4:14
4."Bolivian Ragamuffin"Tyler, Crespo3:32
5."Cry Me a River"Arthur Hamilton4:06
6."Prelude to Joanie"Tyler1:21
7."Joanie's Butterfly"Tyler, Crespo, Douglas5:35
8."Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)"Tyler, Crespo, Douglas4:46
9."Jig Is Up"Tyler, Crespo3:10
10."Push Comes to Shove"Tyler4:28

Classics Live! (Disc 10)[edit]

1."Train Kept A-Rollin'"Bradshaw, Mann, Kay3:20
2."Kings and Queens"Tyler, Whitford, Hamilton, Kramer, Douglas4:46
3."Sweet Emotion"Tyler, Hamilton5:14
4."Dream On"Tyler4:50
5."Mama Kin"Tyler3:41
6."Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman"Tyler, Perry / Melrose, Bennett, Gillum4:54
7."Lord of the Thighs""Tyler7:05
8."Major Barbara"Tyler4:03

Classics Live! II (Disc 11)[edit]

1."Back in the Saddle"Tyler, Perry4:38
2."Walk This Way"Tyler, Perry4:22
3."Movin' Out"Tyler, Perry5:44
4."Draw The Line"Tyler, Perry4:47
5."Same Old Song and Dance"Tyler, Perry5:45
6."Last Child"Tyler, Whitford3:43
7."Let the Music Do the Talking"Perry5:44
8."Toys in the Attic"Tyler, Perry4:04

Gems (Disc 12)[edit]

1."Rats in the Cellar"Tyler, Perry4:06
2."Lick and a Promise"Tyler, Perry3:05
3."Chip Away the Stone"Supa4:01
4."No Surprize"Tyler, Perry4:26
5."Mama Kin"Tyler4:27
6."Adam's Apple"Tyler4:34
7."Nobody's Fault"Tyler, Whitford4:18
8."Round and Round"Tyler, Whitford5:03
9."Critical Mass"Tyler, Hamilton, Douglas4:52
10."Lord of the Thighs"Tyler4:14
11."Jailbait"Tyler, Crespo4:39
12."Train Kept A-Rollin'"Bradshaw, Kay, Mann5:41

Box of Fire Bonus Disc (Disc 13)[edit]

1."Sweet Emotion" (1991)Tyler, Hamilton4:33
2."Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu"Huey "Piano" Smith2:54
3."Subway"Whitford, Hamilton, Kramer3:29
4."Circle Jerk"Whitford3:40
5."Dream On" (MTV Anniversary)Tyler5:44


Organization Level Date
RIAA - USA Gold January 19, 1995

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Tracks Label Catalog # Barcode Edition Series Notes
USA Nov 22, 1994 CD x 13 121 Columbia/SMEI CXK 66687 074646668726 1993 Remasters (except Box of Fire Bonus Disc); sched. for Nov 8, 1994 - delayed 2 weeks[3][4]


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