Bishop of Basingstoke

The Bishop of Basingstoke is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Winchester, in the province of Canterbury, England.[1] The title takes its name after the town of Basingstoke in Hampshire. The see was vacant since the translation of Peter Hancock to the Bishop of Bath and Wells on 4 March 2014;[2] on 26 June 2014, it was announced that David Williams, Vicar of Christ Church Winchester, was to be consecrated Bishop of Basingstoke. Williams assumed the role on 19 September 2014 at a consecration service at Winchester Cathedral.[3]

List of bishops[edit]

Bishops of Basingstoke
From Until Incumbent Notes
1973 1977 Colin James (1926–2009) Translated to Wakefield, and later to Winchester
1977 1993 Michael Manktelow (1927–2017)
1994 2001 Geoffrey Rowell (1943–2017) Translated to Gibraltar in Europe
2002 2009 Trevor Willmott (b. 1950) Translated to Dover
2010 2014 Peter Hancock (b. 1955)[2][4] Translated to Bath and Wells
2014 Present David Williams (b. 1961) Formerly Vicar of Christ Church, Winchester[3]


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