Bidau Creole Portuguese

Bidau Creole Portuguese
Timor Pidgin
RegionBidau, Dili, East Timor
Portuguese Creole
  • Malayo-Portuguese Creole
    • Bidau Creole Portuguese
Language codes
ISO 639-3tvy

Bidau Creole Portuguese (Português de Bidau) was a Portuguese-based creole language that was spoken in Bidau [tet], Nain Feto, an eastern suburb of Dili, East Timor until the 1960s, when the speakers shifted to standard Portuguese.[citation needed]

Bidau Creole Portuguese grew out of the Portuguese spoken by settlers and Mestiços from Flores Island, influenced by languages introduced to the area by military men from Lifau. It shares a number of features with nearby creoles such as Macanese.


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