BellSouth Mobility

BellSouth Mobility, LLC
IndustryWireless Services
PredecessorAdvanced Mobile Phone Service
SuccessorNew Cingular Wireless PCS
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, USA
ProductsGPRS, GSM, TDMA, AMPS, Two way messaging
ParentBellSouth (1983-2000)
Cingular (2000-2004)

BellSouth Mobility, LLC headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was a BellSouth subsidiary.

BellSouth Mobility operated wireless networks using many different wireless communication standards. The most widely used of these technologies is called Digital AMPS, or D-AMPS. Data services were provided by BellSouth Wireless Data, and used the pre-2.5G Mobitex standard.[1]


BellSouth Mobility logo, 1984

BellSouth Mobility was a mobile phone network operated by the American landline telephone company BellSouth. It was founded in 1984 during the breakup of AT&T, which included dividing Advanced Mobile Phone Service, Inc. among the Baby Bells. It ran AMPS and D-AMPS across most of the territory covered by the BellSouth landline company. In 2000, it became part of the Cingular Wireless network, and the BellSouth branding was dropped; however, the company continued to exist as an operating subsidiary.

BellSouth Mobility logo, until 2000

In 2004, following Cingular's acquisition of AT&T Wireless Services, BellSouth Mobility ceased to exist when it was legally merged into New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, the renamed former operating subsidiary of AT&T Wireless Services.


  • BellSouth Mobility used D-AMPS as opposed to Sprint and Verizon's IS-95 technology. Despite this, BellSouth Mobility offered Sprint and Verizon customers roaming onto their older AMPS network.


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