Battle of Lanfeng

The Battle of Lanfeng (兰封会战), in the Second Sino-Japanese War, was part of the larger campaign for Northern and Eastern Henan (February 7 – June 10, 1938) and took place at the same time as the Battle of Xuzhou (Late December – Early June 1938) was occurring.

It involved a Chinese counterattack at Lanfeng by elements of the 1st War Area against the positions held by the Japanese 14th Division. The 14th Division was the vanguard of the Japanese First Army (North China Area Army) and numbered 20,000 men with tanks. It was the first action of the Chinese 200th Division, the first mechanized division in the Chinese Army.

Order of Battle of Lanfeng[edit]

See the Order of Battle of the Battle of Lanfeng


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