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Batman Legends volume 2, #1

Batman Legends is part of the UK's 'Collector's' Edition' line of comic books. The first volume was published by Panini Comics for 41 issues between October 2003 and November 2006. The second volume has been published since December 2006 by Titan Magazines. Both volumes reprint Batman related comics from DC Comics from the United States.

After 57 issues, Batman Legends moved on to volume 3 and was retitled to simply 'Batman'. It continued current stories from Batman Legends while also reprinting other Batman comics from The New 52.

Batman Legends was the first DC Collector's Edition published for the UK and follows from the successful Marvel Collector's Editions. It has been followed by DC Universe Presents, Batman/Superman, Batman: Gotham Central, Arrow, DC Super Heroes: The Flash, DC Comics Showcase: Supergirl and DC Legends Wonder Woman. Superman Legends and Justice League Legends have been discontinued.

Volume One[edit]

The first volume reprinted numerous arcs from Batman's recent and classic history; the key storylines being:

It also contained numerous creator profiles, competitions and a review of Batman Begins.

Volume Two[edit]

Volume Two was published by Titan Magazines and was edited by Rona Simpson. Volume Two features advertisements for Titan Books' trade paperbacks and does features on Batman related merchandise, known as "Inside the batcave!".

So far volume two has reprinted the following material as well as a couple of miscelleanous issues from various Batman comics:

Volume Three[edit]

Batman vol 3, issue 1 and Batman: The Dark Knight issue 1

Volume two ended after 57 issues and was retitled to simply 'Batman' for volume three. The first issue of the volume was released on 5 July 2012, on the same day as the first issue of Titan's new Batman title, Batman: The Dark Knight. The comic started printing The New 52 Batman and Robin series whilst also continuing to reprint Batman Volume 2. It later showcased strips from Nightwing and Batman Eternal as well as other Batman related spin off series.

So far Volume 3 has reprinted the following issues. Some longer US issues such as annuals and ones with back up strips are divided into several UK format issues due to page count restraints

  • Issue 1 Batman #7, Batman and Robin #1 and #2
  • Issue 2 Batman #8, Batman and Robin #3 and #4
  • Issue 3 Batman #8 back up, Batman #9, Batman and Robin #5
  • Issue 4 Batman #10 and 11, Batman and Robin #6,
  • Issue 5 Batman #10 and 11 backs ups, Batman #12, Batman and Robin #7
  • Issue 6 Batman Annual #1, Batman and Robin #8
  • Issue 7 Batman #0, Batman and Robin #0, Batman: The Dark Knight #0
  • Issue 8 Batman #13 and #14, Batman Incorporated #1
  • Issue 9 Batman #13, 14 and 15 back ups, Batman Incorporated #2 and 0
  • Issue 10 Batman #15, Batman Incorporated #3 and 4
  • Issue 11 Batman #16, Batman Incorporated #5 and 6
  • Issue 12 Batman #17, Batman and Robin Annual #1
  • Issue 13 Batman #18, Batman Incorporated #7 and 8
  • Issue 14 Batman and Robin #18 and 19, Batman Incorporated #9,
  • Issue 43 Batman #42, Robin: Son of Batman #2, Batman Eternal #17
  • Issue 44 Batman #43, Robin: Son of Batman #3, Batman Eternal #18 and 19
  • Issue 45 Batman #44, Robin: Son of Batman #4, Batman Eternal #20
  • Issue 46 Batman #45, Robin: Son of Batman #5, Batman Eternal #21
  • Issue 47 Batman #46, Robin: Son of Batman #6, Batman Eternal #22
  • Issue 48 Batman #47, Batman Annual #4, Batman Eternal #23


Volume Two Issue 18 featured an All-Star Batman and Robin story which was controversial as it showed the Joker referring to Gotham as 'a sad old whore' and choking a woman to death; his assistant was a topless woman sporting swastikas on her breasts (a character who previously featured in The Dark Knight Returns). The issue featured no warning of this and this was discussed by parents on the Irish Radio Talkshow Liveline, as hosted by Joe Duffy. It criticized stores for featuring the magazine on the bottom shelf alongside the likes of Postman Pat. The issue was defended by fans stating that it was merely an adult storyline.

In Issue 20, Batman Legends featured a warning stating that the magazine is 'Recommended for children of 12 years or older'. Some of the more recent issues have a "VIOLENT IMAGES" or a "Rated T for Teen" warning on the front cover of the magazine.

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