BornMongolian: ᠱ‍ᠣᠳᠠᠷᠭ᠌ᠠ ᠪᠠᠭᠠᠲᠣᠷ ᠪᠠᠪᠦᠽᠠᠪ Babojab Chinese: 巴布扎布
DiedLinxi, Inner Mongolia

Babojab (Chinese: 巴布扎布 1875–1916, Шударга баатар Бавуужав) was an ethnic Mongol prince and military leader.[1] The Japanese planned to overthrow Yuan Shih-k'ai's government by supporting Babojab in his effort to re-establish the Qing dynasty, which would rule Mongolia, Manchuria, and North China. At the end of 1915, Babojab's army retreated to Hailar after attacks from Khatanbaatar Magsarjav near Dolon Nor and Kuke Khoto. His troops fought Chinese[which?] soldiers in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia during the Warlord Era. In July 1916 following the death of Yuan Shikai, he enlisted the help of Kawashima Naniwa and other Japanese nationals and raised an army. Three thousand Mongolian cavalrymen defeated Wu Junsheng's Fengtian Clique and occupied Guojiadian in Shandong, on the main line of the South Manchuria Railway. However, later that year Babojab was killed and his army defeated near Linxi, Inner Mongolia.[2]

His son Ganjuurjab married Yoshiko Kawashima.


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