Anthony Trollope bibliography

Anthony Trollope, 1864.

This is a bibliography of the works of Anthony Trollope.


Single novels[edit]

First publisher
The Three Clerks 1858 Richard Bentley
The Bertrams 1859 Chapman & Hall
Orley Farm 1862 Chapman & Hall
The Struggles of Brown, Jones & Robinson 1862 Smith, Elder & Co.
Rachel Ray 1863 Chapman & Hall
Miss Mackenzie 1865 Chapman & Hall
The Belton Estate 1866 Chapman & Hall
The Claverings 1867 Smith, Elder & Co.
Nina Balatka 1867 Blackwood
Linda Tressel 1868 Blackwood
He Knew He Was Right 1869 Strahan
The Vicar of Bullhampton 1870 Bradbury and Evans
Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite 1871 Hurst and Blackett
Ralph the Heir 1871 Hurst and Blackett
The Golden Lion of Granpère 1872 Tinsley Brothers
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil 1874 Sampson, Low
Lady Anna 1874 Chapman & Hall Serialized in the Australasian.[1]
The Way We Live Now 1875 Chapman & Hall
The American Senator 1877 Chapman & Hall Monthly serial in Temple Bar, May 1876 to July 1877. Several of the characters appear also in Ayala's Angel and in the Barsetshire and Palliser novels.
Is He Popenjoy? 1878 Chapman & Hall
John Caldigate 1879 Chapman & Hall
Cousin Henry 1879 Chapman & Hall Serialized in the Manchester Weekly Times and the North British Weekly Mail from 8 March 1879 to 24 May 1879.[2]
Ayala's Angel 1881 Chapman & Hall
Doctor Wortle's School 1881 Chapman & Hall
The Fixed Period 1882 Blackwood
Kept in the Dark 1882 Chatto & Windus
Marion Fay 1882 Chapman & Hall
Mr. Scarborough's Family 1883 Chatto & Windus
An Old Man's Love 1884 Blackwood

Novel series[edit]

Chronicles of Barsetshire[edit]

First publisher
The Warden 1855 Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans
Barchester Towers 1857 Barchester Towers was the first of Trollope's novels to establish his popularity with the general reading public.[3]


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Doctor Thorne 1858 Chapman & Hall Reprinted:
  • London: Penguin Books, 1991 (with an introduction by Ruth Rendell).
Framley Parsonage 1861 Smith, Elder & Co. Appeared as a serial in The Cornhill Magazine, from January, 1860, to April, 1861.


  • London: Oxford University Press, 1957.
  • New York: Knopf, 1994 (with an introduction by Graham Handley).
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The Small House at Allington 1864 Smith, Elder & Co.
The Last Chronicle of Barset 1867 Smith, Elder & Co.

Palliser novels[edit]

First publisher
Can You Forgive Her? 1865 Chapman & Hall It was published in twenty monthly parts, from January 1864 to August 1865. Henry James reviewed savagely in The Nation.[4]
Phineas Finn 1869 Virtue & Co.
The Eustace Diamonds 1873 Chapman & Hall First published as a serial in the Fortnightly Review, from July 1871 to February 1873.


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Phineas Redux 1874 Chapman & Hall First published as a serial in The Graphic, from 9 July 1873 to 10 January 1874.
The Prime Minister 1876 Chapman & Hall
The Duke's Children 1880 Chapman & Hall Appeared as a serial in All the Year Round, from 4 October 1879 to 14 July 1880.


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Irish Novels[edit]

First publisher
The Macdermots of Ballycloran 1847 Thomas Cautley Newby
The Kellys and the O'Kellys 1848 H. Colburn Reprinted:
  • London: Jonathan Lane (with an introduction by Algar Thorold).
  • New York: Random House, 1937 (with an introduction by Shane Leslie).
  • Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978.
  • New York: Garland Pub., 1979 (with an introduction by Robert Lee Wolff).
La Vendée: An Historical Romance 1850 H. Colburn
Castle Richmond 1860 Chapman & Hall
An Eye for an Eye 1879 Chapman & Hall
The Landleaguers 1883 Chatto & Windus Unfinished

Short stories[edit]


First publisher
The West Indies and the Spanish Main 1859 Chapman & Hall
North America 1862 Chapman & Hall
Hunting Sketches 1865 Chapman & Hall First published as a serial in the Pall Mall Gazette in 1865.
Travelling Sketches 1866 Chapman & Hall Appeared as a serial in the Pall Mall Gazette in 1865.
Clergymen of the Church of England 1866 Chapman & Hall Serialized in the Pall Mall Gazette (1865–1866).
On English Prose Fiction as a Rational Amusement 1869 Reprinted:
  • Four Lectures. London: Constable, 1938 (with an introduction by Morris L. Parrish).
  • Oxford Reader's Companion to Trollope. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.
  • An Autobiography and Other Writings. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014 (with an introduction by Nicholas Shrimpton).
The Commentaries of Caesar 1870 Blackwood
Australia and New Zealand 1873 Chapman & Hall Serialised in the newspaper Australasian, from 22 February 1873 to 20 June 1874.
New South Wales & Queensland 1874
South Africa 1878 Chapman & Hall
How the 'Mastiffs' Went to Iceland 1878 Privately printed First published as "Iceland," The Fortnightly Review, Vol. XXX, 1878, pp. 175–190.
Thackeray 1879 Macmillan
Life of Cicero 1880 Chapman & Hall
Lord Palmerston 1882 Isbister
An Autobiography 1883 Blackwood
London Tradesmen 1927 E. Mathews & Marrot Edited with a foreword by Michael Sadleir.
The New Zealander 1972 Clarendon Press Edited with an introduction by N. John Hall.


  • London: The Trollope Society, 1995.


Publication date
First published in
"American Literary Piracy" September, 1862 The Athenæum
"W.M. Thackeray" February, 1864 The Cornhill Magazine
"On Anonymous Literature" 1865 The Fortnightly Review
"The Irish Church" 1865 The Fortnightly Review
"The Public Schools" 1865 The Fortnightly Review
"The Civil Service" 1865 The Fortnightly Review
"The Fourth Commandment" 1866 The Fortnightly Review
"Mr. Freeman on the Morality of Hunting" 1869 The Fortnightly Review Written in reply to E.A. Freeman's article "The Morality of Field Sports."[10]


  • Miscellaneous Essays and Reviews. New York: Arno Press, 1981.
"Charles Dickens" July 1870 St. Paul's Magazine
"Cicero as a Politician" April 1877 The Fortnightly Review
"Cicero as a Man of Letters" September 1877 The Fortnightly Review
"The Young Women in the London Telegraph Office" 1877 Good Words
"Kafir Land" February 1878 The Fortnightly Review
"Iceland" August 1878 The Fortnightly Review
"In the Hunting Field" 1879 Good Words
"A Walk in the Wood" 1879 Good Words
"George Henry Lewes" January 1879 The Fortnightly Review
"Novel Reading: The Works of Charles Dickens and W. Makepeace Thackeray" January 1879 The Nineteenth Century
"The Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne" September 1879 The North American Review
"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" April 1881 The North American Review




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