Anders Olsson (writer)

Anders Olsson.

Anders Olsson (born 19 June 1949) is a Swedish writer, professor of literature at Stockholm University, literary critic and member of the Swedish Academy.

Olsson has written some 15 books on poetry and the history of literature; together with his friend and ally Horace Engdahl he was a key introducer of the work of Jacques Derrida and other post-structuralist thinkers into Swedish literary research and criticism. His doctoral dissertation on Swedish poet and essayist Gunnar Ekelöf was published in 1983 and met with mostly favourable reviews.[1] He was appointed professor of literature at Stockholm University in 2004 and his research interests include the development of modern literature.[2]

Olsson was member of the Kris editorial staff.[3] In 1984 he published his first collection of poems, Dagar, aska.

In February 2008, Olson was elected a member of the Swedish Academy, by secret ballot to succeed poet and writer Lars Forssell who died in 2007,[4] and he formally took his seat in the 18-member assembly on 20 December 2008.

From 13 April 2018 he served as the pro tempore permanent secretary of the Academy, following a controversy when Sara Danius was forced to resign.[5] Anders Olsson then served as the permanent secretary of the Academy between 1 June 2018 and 1 June 2019.[6] He is currently the chairman of the Academys Nobel Prize committee.[7]


  • Mälden mellan stenarna (1981)
  • Ekelöfs nej (1983) (doctoral dissertation)
  • Intertextualitet (1984)
  • Dagar, aska (1984)
  • De antända polerna (1986)
  • Den okända texten : en essä om tolkningsteori från kyrkofäderna till Derrida (1987)
  • Bellerofontes resa (1988)
  • Solstämma (1991)
  • Den Andra Födan (1992)
  • Det vita (1993)
  • Ekelunds hunger (1995)
  • Att skriva dagen : Gunnar Björlings poetiska värld (1995)
  • Gunnar Ekelöf (1997)
  • Ett mått av lycka (1998)
  • Läsningar av intet (2000)
  • Skillnadens konst : sex kapitel om moderna fragment (2006)
  • Lars Forssell : inträdestal i Svenska akademien (2008)
  • Men så oändligt lätt att svara dig (2010)
  • Ordens asyl : inledning till den moderna exillitteraturen (2011)
  • Vad är en suck? : en essä om Erik Johan Stagnelius (2013)
  • Languages of Exile – Migration and Multilingualism in Twentieth-Century Literature (2013)
  • Tankar om läsning (2015)


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