Agre dulce

Filipino lumpia with an agre dulce dipping sauce

Agre dulce, also known as Filipino sweet and sour sauce, is a Filipino sweet and sour condiment. It is made by mixing cornstarch with water, salt, sugar, and a tangy ingredient; typically tomato ketchup, banana ketchup, or pineapples. The mixture is brought to a boil then simmered until it thickens. Labuyo chilis and other spices may also be added.[1][2][3]

The name means "sour-sweet" in Philippine Spanish, from Spanish agrio ("sour") and dulce ("sweet"). It is also known as agri dulci in Chavacano and can refer to dishes cooked with the sauce.[4] Agre dulce is commonly used as a dipping sauce for appetizers like lumpia or okoy.[3]

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