Anu (disambiguation)

Anu is a Mesopotamian god.

Anu or ANU may also refer to:



  • Anu (name), a given name and surname (including a list of people with the name)
  • Queen Anu (died 1696), Mongolian noblewoman and warrior
  • Anu (game character) or A Nu, a character in the video game The Legend of Sword and Fairy
  • ANU (band), a Tibetan rap group from Mainland China.


Other uses[edit]

  • Anu (film), 2009 Kannada film
  • aṇu, the Sanskrit term for "smallest particle of matter" in Indian atomism, pronounced and more commonly spelled as "arnoo".
  • ānu, a Sanskrit term for "man" or "foreigner" and the name of a Vedic tribe
  • Anu (fly), a genus of Hoverfly
  • anu, a.k.a. mashua, an Andean vegetable
  • Anu-Hkongso language, a Sino-Tibetan language of Burma
  • Anu Jur, a.k.a. the Akhurian River