6th Air Division (Japan)

6th Air Division
ActiveNovember 26, 1942 – August 31, 1944
CountryEmpire of Japan Empire of Japan
AllegianceEmpire of Japan
BranchEmpire of Japan Imperial Japanese Army
TypeArmy aviation unit
RoleFighter, bomber, reconnaissance
Part of8th Area Army
Garrison/HQRabaul, New Britain
Wewak, New Guinea
Nickname(s)Abbreviation code: 6FD
HQ code: Yō 9301
EngagementsWorld War II

The 6th Air Division (第六飛行師団, Dai 6 Hikō Shidan) was a land-based aviation force of the Imperial Japanese Army. It was formed on 25 November 1942, as part of the Eighth Area Army.[1] It was incorporated into the Fourth Air Army based at Rabaul in June 1943.[1]

The division moved its headquarters to Wewak on 9 July 1943. After being reduced in men and aircraft due to Allied aerial attacks and bombing missions by 31 May 1944, the division was disbanded in August at Hollandia.[1]



  • 11th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 68th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 78th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 13th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 24th Hikō Sentai (1943)

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