2006 Oakland mayoral election

Oakland mayoral election, 2006
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Candidate Ron Dellums Ignacio De La Fuente Nancy Nadel
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 42,073 27,647 10,949
Percentage 50.2% 33.0% 13.1%

Mayor before election

Jerry Brown

Elected Mayor

Ron Dellums

The 2006 Oakland mayoral election was held on June 7, 2006[1] to elect the mayor of Oakland, California. It saw the election of Ron Dellums.

Municipal elections in California are officially non-partisan.

A 50% margin of the vote needed to be obtained by the victor in order to avoid a runoff being held in November.[1] Dellums surpassed this margin by a mere 115 votes, thus no runoff was necessitated.[2]


  • Ignacio De La Fuente, President of the Oakland City Council, member of the Oakland City Council since 1992,[3] candidate for mayor in 1998
  • Ron Dellums, former U.S. congressman (1971-1998), former member of the Oakland City Council (1967-1971)[3]
  • Arnie Fields, affordable housing provider, member of the Board of Directors for the Music & Art Department of the Arcadia Skate Hotel[3]
  • Nancy Nadel, member of the Oakland City Council[3]
  • Ron "Oz" Oznowicz, investor and business manager, former Oakland Police Officer (1965-1976)[3]
  • Hector "Reno" Reyna, retired financial consultant,[3] perennial candidate[4]


Candidate Votes %
Ronald V. "Ron" Dellums 42,073 50.2
Ignacio De La Fuente 27,647 33.0
Nancy J. Nadel 10,949 13.1
Ron "Oz" Oznowicz 1,834 2.2
Arnie L. Fields 857 1.0
Hector "Reno" Reyna 348 0.4
Write-in votes 122 0.1


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