1998 San Francisco Board of Supervisors election

The 1998 San Francisco Board of Supervisors elections occurred on November 3, 1998. Five of the eleven seats were contested. Five incumbents, two of which were appointed by Mayor Willie Brown, were up for election.

This election was the last using at-large seats, a system that effectively reduces representation of minority points of view. Subsequent Board of Supervisors elections were to district seats through a plan ratified by the voters in 1996.

Municipal elections in California are officially non-partisan, though most candidates in San Francisco do receive funding and support from various political parties.


Each voter is allowed to cast at most five votes.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors elections, 1998
Candidate Votes %
Tom Ammiano (incumbent) 120,291 '
Gavin Newsom (incumbent) 109,015 '
Mabel Teng (incumbent) 95,093 '
Mark Leno (incumbent) 82,449 '
Amos Brown (incumbent) 67,554 '
Victor Marquez 58,935
Rose Tsai 58,571
Donna Casey 57,788
Denise D'Anne 35,244
Lucrecia Bermudez 23,115
Shawn O'Hearn 17,664
Jim Reid 16,902
Carlos Petroni 16,293
Len Pettigrew 15,049
Tahnee Stair 11,621
Frederick Hobson 8,048
Sam Lucas 7,858
Voter turnout 55.8%

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