1988 San Diego mayoral election

1988 San Diego mayoral election
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Nominee Maureen O'Connor Floyd Morrow
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 126,366 71,293
Percentage 59.5% 33.6%

Mayor before election

Maureen O'Connor

Elected Mayor

Maureen O'Connor

The 1988 San Diego mayoral election was held on June 7, 1988 to elect the mayor for San Diego. Incumbent mayor Maureen O'Connor stood for reelection.

Municipal elections in California are officially non-partisan, though some candidates do receive funding and support from various political parties.[1] The non-partisan primary was held June 7, 1988. Since the incumbent O'Connor received a majority of the primary votes, she was reelected outright with no need for a runoff.



Incumbent mayor Maureen O'Connor was seen as the favorite going into the election. Former City Council member Floyd Morrow was considered her chief challenger, though he consistently polled well short of O'Connor. Morrow struggled to gain attention in the race, with O'Connor refusing to attend candidate forums where he might appear.[3] On June 7, 1988, O'Connor received the majority of the votes and was re-elected mayor.[4]

Primary election results[edit]

San Diego mayoral primary election, 1988[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Maureen O'Connor 126,366 59.5
Democratic Floyd Morrow 71,293 33.6
Democratic Charles Ulmschneider 7,653 3.6
Nonpartisan John Kelley 4,095 1.9
Nonpartisan Rose Lynne 2,976 1.4
Total votes 212,383 100

General election[edit]

Because O'Connor won a majority of the votes in the March primary, there was no need for a runoff in the November general election.


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