1971 United States House of Representatives elections

There were elections in 1971 to the United States House of Representatives:

District Vacator Reason for Vacancy Successor
District of Columbia At-large Vacant District elected first delegate since the seat was re-established during previous congress Walter E. Fauntroy (D) March 23, 1971
South Carolina 1st Vacant Rep. L. Mendel Rivers died during previous congress Mendel J. Davis (D) April 27, 1971
Maryland 1st Rogers Morton (R) Resigned January 29, 1971, after being appointed United States Secretary of the Interior William O. Mills (R) May 25, 1971
Pennsylvania 18th Robert J. Corbett (R) Died April 25, 1971 H. John Heinz III (R) November 2, 1971
Kentucky 6th John C. Watts (D) Died September 24, 1971 William P. Curlin Jr. (D) December 4, 1971