1966 Massachusetts general election

A Massachusetts general election was held on November 8, 1966 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The election included:

Democratic and Republican candidates were selected in party primaries held on September 13, 1966.

This was the first election in which the Term of office for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Treasurer, and Auditor was extended from two to four years.

Statewide elections[edit]

United States Senator[edit]

Republican Edward Brooke was elected over Democrat Endicott Peabody, Socialist Labor candidate Lawrence Gilfedder, and Prohibition candidate Mark R. Shaw.


Republican John A. Volpe was re-elected over Democrat Edward J. McCormack, Jr., Socialist Labor candidate Henning A. Blomen, and Prohibition candidate John C. Hedges.

Lieutenant Governor[edit]

Republican Francis W. Sargent was elected Lieutenant Governor over Democrat Joseph E. McGuire, Socialist Labor candidate Francis A. Votano, and Prohibition candidate Grace F. Luder.

Attorney General[edit]

Incumbent Attorney General Edward Brooke did not run for re-election.

Francis X. Bellotti defeated Foster Furcolo and Robert DeGiacomo in the Democratic Primary.

In the general election, Elliot Richardson defeated Bellotti and Socialist Workers candidate Edgar E. Gaudet.

Massachusetts Attorney General Democratic Primary, 1966[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Francis X. Bellotti 349,844 56.91%
Democratic Foster Furcolo 146,137 23.77%
Democratic Robert DeGiacomo 118,700 19.31%
Write-in 16 0.01%
Massachusetts Attorney General Election, 1966[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Elliot Richardson 1,036,739 51.84%
Democratic Francis X. Bellotti 946,219 47.31%
Socialist Workers Edgar E. Gaudet 16,901 0.85%
Write-in 48 0.00%

Secretary of the Commonwealth[edit]

Incumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth Kevin White, defeated Republican Raymond Trudel, Socialist Labor candidate Willy N. Hogseth, and Prohibition candidate F. Oliver Drake in the general election.

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Election, 1966[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Kevin White 1,357,131 70.03%
Republican Raymond Trudel 562,708 29.04%
Prohibition F. Oliver Drake 9,289 0.48%
Socialist Workers Willy N. Hogseth 8,625 0.45%
Write-in 4 0.00%

Treasurer and Receiver-General[edit]

Incumbent Treasurer and Receiver-General Robert Q. Crane defeated Republican Joseph Fernandes, Socialist Labor candidate Domenico DiGirolamo, and Prohibition candidate Julia Kohler in the general election.

Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver-General Election, 1966[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Robert Q. Crane 1,197,981 62.55%
Republican Joseph Fernandes 689,367 35.99%
Socialist Workers Domenico DiGirolamo 18,819 0.98%
Prohibition Julia Kohler 9,203 0.48%
Write-in 27 0.00%


Incumbent Auditor Thaddeus M. Buczko defeated state representative James H. Kelly in the Democratic primary.

In the general election, Buczko defeated Republican John J. Buckley, Socialist Labor candidate August Johnson, and Prohibition candidate Roger I. Williams in the general election.

Massachusetts Auditor Democratic Primary, 1966[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Thaddeus M. Buczko 336,187 60.25%
Democratic James H. Kelly 221,805 39.75%
Write-in 7 0.00%
Massachusetts Auditor General Election, 1966[6]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Thaddeus M. Buczko 1,102,844 57.08%
Republican John J. Buckley 808,584 41.85%
Socialist Workers August Johnson 12,479 0.65%
Prohibition Roger I. Williams 8,196 0.42%
Write-in 4 0.00%