1957 Philippine presidential election

1957 Philippine presidential election

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Turnout75.5% Decrease 1.7%
  Carlos P Garcia photo.jpg Jose Yulo.jpg ManuelPManahan-8Jan1983.jpg
Nominee Carlos P. Garcia José Yulo Manuel Manahan
Party Nacionalista Liberal Progressive
Running mate Jose B. Laurel Jr. Diosdado Macapagal Vicente Araneta
Popular vote 2,072,257 1,386,829 1,049,420
Percentage 41.28% 27.62% 20.90%

Nominee Claro M. Recto Antonio Quirino Valentin de los Santos
Party NCP Liberal Lapiang Malaya
Running mate Lorenzo Tañada Restituto Fresto
Popular vote 429,226 60,328 21,674
Percentage 8.55% 1.20% 0.43%

1957 Philippine presidential election results per province.png

President before election

Carlos P. Garcia

Elected President

Carlos P. Garcia

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Presidential, legislative and local elections were held on November 12, 1957 in the Philippines. Incumbent President Carlos P. Garcia won his opportunity for a full term as President of the Philippines after the death of President Ramon Magsaysay in a plane crash in March 1957. His running mate, Speaker Jose Laurel Jr., lost to Pampanga Representative Diosdado Macapagal. This was the first time in Philippine electoral history where a president was elected by a plurality rather than a majority, and in which the winning presidential and vice presidential candidates came from different parties.



Final Official Congressional Canvass

e • d Summary of the November 12, 1957 Philippine presidential election results
Candidates Parties Votes %
Carlos P. Garcia Nacionalista Party (Nationalist Party) 2,072,257 41.28%
José Yulo Liberal Party 1,386,829 27.62%
Manuel Manahan Progressive Party 1,049,420 20.90%
Claro M. Recto Nationalist Citizens' Party 429,226 8.55%
Antonio Quirino Quirino wing of the Liberal Party 60,328 1.20%
Valentin de los Santos Lapiang Malaya (Freedom Movement) 21,674 0.43%
Alfredo Abcede Federal Party 470 0.01%
Total 5,020,204 100%
Valid votes 5,020,204 98.3%
Invalid votes 87,908 1.7%
Votes cast 5,108,112 75.5%
Registered voters 6,763,897
Popular vote


Final Official Congressional Canvass

e • d Summary of the November 12, 1957, Philippine vice presidential election results
Candidate Party Results
Votes %
Diosdado Macapagal Liberal 2,189,197 46.55%
José Laurel Jr. Nacionalista 1,783,012 37.91%
Vicente Araneta Progressive 375,090 7.97%
Lorenzo Tañada NCP 344,685 7.32%
Restituto Fresto Lapiang Malaya 10,494 0.22%
Valid votes 4,702,478 92.1%
Invalid votes 405,634 7.9%
Votes cast 5,108,112 75.5%
Registered voters 6,763,897 100.00%

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