1957 Bandy World Championship

1957 Bandy World Championship
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Tournament details
Host country Finland
Dates28 February – 3 March 1957
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg Soviet Union
Runner-up Silver medal blank.svg Finland
Third place Bronze medal blank.svg Sweden
Tournament statistics
Matches played3
Goals scored18 (6 per match)
Scoring leader(s)Alpo Aho (FIN), Valentin Antamaiev (URS), Yevgeny Papugin (URS)
(3 points)
Participating countries in the 1957 Bandy World Championship
Blue: countries participating
Green: members of the Federation of International Bandy not participating in this year's World Championship

The 1957 Bandy World Championship[1] was contested among three men's bandy playing nations and was the first ever Bandy World Championship. Norway declined to take part due to the Soviet invasion of Hungary the year before.

The championship was played in Finland from 28 February to 3 March 1957, as part of the fifty year anniversary celebrations for the Ball Association of Finland, which at the time was the governing body for bandy in Finland. The tournament was officially opened by President of the republic Urho Kekkonen.[2] All games, which were only three, were played at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The Soviet Union became champions.[3][4][5]


Premier tour[edit]

  • 28 February
Finland – Sweden 4–3 (Timoska (2), Aho (2) - Vikner, Vikman, Fredblad)
  • 2 March
Soviet Union – Sweden 2–2 (Papugin, Atamanychev - Janson, Saav)
  • 3 March
Soviet Union – Finland 6–1 (Atamanychev (2), Vodyanov, Papugin (2), Shunin - Aho)
Rank Country Pts W T L Bp Bc Diff
1  Soviet Union 3 1 1 0 8 3 +5
2  Finland 2 1 0 1 5 9 −4
3  Sweden 1 0 1 1 5 6 −1