1954 Massachusetts general election

A Massachusetts general election was held on November 2, 1954 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The election included:

Democratic and Republican candidates were selected in party primaries held on September 14, 1954.

Statewide elections[edit]


Republican Leverett Saltonstall was re-elected over Democrat Foster Furcolo, Socialist Labor candidate Thelma Ingersoll, and Prohibition candidate Harold J. Ireland.


Republican Christian A. Herter was re-elected over Democrat Robert F. Murphy, Socialist Labor candidate Lawrence Gilfedder, and Prohibition candidate Guy S. Williams.

Lieutenant Governor[edit]

Republican Sumner G. Whittier was re-elected Lieutenant Governor over Democrat James A. Burke, Socialist Labor candidate Francis A. Votano, and Prohibition candidate Donald E. Babcock.

Attorney General[edit]

Republican Attorney General George Fingold was re-elected over Democratic State Senator John F. Collins, Socialist Workers candidate Malcolm T. Rowe, and Prohibition candidate Howard B. Rand in the general election.

Massachusetts Attorney General Election, 1954[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican George Fingold 950,865 51.22%
Democratic John F. Collins 893,825 48.16%
Socialist Workers Malcolm T. Rowe 6,004 0.32%
Prohibition Howard B. Rand 5,425 0.29%
Write-in 1 0.00%

Secretary of the Commonwealth[edit]

Incumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth Edward J. Cronin defeated Republican state representative Michael J. McCarthy, Socialist Labor candidate Fred M. Ingersoll, and Prohibition candidate William D. Ross in the general election.

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Election, 1954[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Edward J. Cronin 1,018,428 55.62%
Republican Michael J. McCarthy 793,121 43.32%
Socialist Workers Fred M. Ingersoll 10,613 0.58%
Prohibition William D. Ross 8,833 0.48%
Write-in 1 0.00%

Treasurer and Receiver-General[edit]

Incumbent Treasurer and Receiver-General Foster Furcolo ran for a U.S. Senate seat instead of seeking re-election. John Francis Kennedy defeated Norwood Selectman Clement A. Riley and State Representative and Boston School Committee Chair William F. Carr in the Democratic primary and Republican Augustus Gardner Means, Socialist Labor candidate Henning A. Blomen, and Prohibition candidate Isaac Goddard in the general election.

Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver-General Democratic Primary, 1954[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic John Francis Kennedy 124,884 36.84%
Democratic Clement A. Riley 110,221 32.53%
Democratic William F. Carr 103,857 30.63%
Write-in 3 0.00%
Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver-General Election, 1954[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic John Francis Kennedy 1,004,145 54.37%
Republican Augustus Gardner Means 830,263 44.96%
Socialist Workers Henning A. Blomen 7,325 0.40%
Prohibition Issac Goddard 5,069 0.27%
Write-in 1 0.00%


Incumbent Auditor Thomas J. Buckley defeated Republican state representative William P. Constantino, Socialist Labor candidate Anthony Martin, and Prohibition candidate John B. Lauder in the general election.

Massachusetts Auditor Election, 1954[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Thomas J. Buckley 1,075,162 58.69%
Republican William P. Constantino 741,082 40.45%
Socialist Workers Anthony Martin 9,483 0.52%
Prohibition John B. Lauder 6,198 0.34%
Write-in 2 0.00%