1922 United States Senate election in Massachusetts

United States Senate election in Massachusetts, 1922

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Nominee Henry Cabot Lodge William A. Gaston
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 414,130 406,776
Percentage 47.59% 46.67%

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Municipal results

Senator before election

Henry Cabot Lodge

Elected Senator

Henry Cabot Lodge

The United States Senate election of 1922 in Massachusetts was held on November 7, 1922, with Republican Incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge defeating Democrat William A. Gaston.

Republican primary[edit]




Republican Primary [1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Henry Cabot Lodge 209,599 75.27
Republican Joseph H. Walker 68,848 24.78
Total votes 278,447 100.00

Democratic primary[edit]




Democratic Primary [2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic William A. Gaston 88,134 51.48
Democratic Sherman L. Whipple 62,847 36.81
Democratic John Jackson Walsh 18,571 10.84
Democratic Dallas Lore Sharp 1,626 0.94
Total votes 171,178 100.00

Independents and third parties[edit]


Cook ran on a platform that supported the League of Nations, women's suffrage, enforcement of the 18th Amendment, measures to stop the lynching of African-Americans in the south, creation of a national divorce law, and adequate compensation for soldiers.[3]


Prohibition Progressive[edit]

  • John A. Nicholls


  • John Weaver Sherman

General election[edit]


United States Senate election in Massachusetts, 1922[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Henry Cabot Lodge 414,130 47.59 Decrease4.09
Democratic William A. Gaston 406,776 46.67 Increase1.36
Prohibition John A. Nicholls 24,866 2.85 Increase2.85
Socialist John Weaver Sherman 11,678 1.34 Decrease1.67
Independent Washington Cook 7,836 0.90 Increase0.90
Progressive William E. Weeks 4,862 0.55 Increase0.55
Total votes 870,148 100.00