1919 San Diego mayoral election

1919 San Diego mayoral election
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Nominee Louis J. Wilde A.P. Johnson Jr.
Party Republican Republican
Popular vote 9,724 9,246
Percentage 55.8% 44.2%

Mayor before election

Louis J. Wilde

Elected Mayor

Louis J. Wilde

The 1919 San Diego mayoral election was held on April 8, 1919 to elect the mayor for San Diego. In the primary election, incumbent Mayor Louis J. Wilde, and A.P. Johnson Jr. received the most votes and advanced to the runoff. Wilde was then reelected mayor with a majority of the votes.



Incumbent Mayor Louis J. Wilde stood for reelection. Wilde was challenged for reelection by a number of experienced local politicians including former city council member A.P. Johnson Jr., former city council member Herbert Fay, and former mayor Grant Conard. Also contesting the race were local merchant John Gillons and banker I. Isaac Irwin.[1]

In the campaign, Wilde was accused of being an ineffective mayor, attending less than half of the meetings of Council, and allowing immoral behavior to thrive in San Diego. Wilde contested the allegations claiming that he had been unable to enact his preferred policies due to resistance from the Common Council. Johnson, head of the Southern Title Guaranty Company, attempted to run a "smokestack" industrial development campaign similar to what had worked for Wilde in the 1917 election.[3]

On March 25, 1919, Wilde received the highest number of votes in the primary election, followed by Johnson. In the April 8, 1919 runoff between the Wilde and Johnson, Wilde received a majority was reelected mayor to a second term.[4]

Primary Election results[edit]

San Diego mayoral primary election, 1919[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Louis J. Wilde 6,793 44.5
Republican A.P. Johnson Jr. 4,139 27.1
Republican Herbert Fay 1,369 9.0
Republican Grant Conard 1,350 8.8
Nonpartisan John Gillons 1,068 7.0
Democratic I. Isaac Irwin 558 3.7
Total votes 15,271 100

General Election results[edit]

San Diego mayoral general election, 1919[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Louis J. Wilde 9,724 55.8
Republican A.P. Johnson Jr. 7,688 44.2
Total votes 17,412 100


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