1909 United States House of Representatives elections

There were elections in 1909 to the United States House of Representatives:

District Vacator Reason for Vacancy Successor
Louisiana 2nd Vacant Rep. Robert C. Davey died during previous congress Samuel L. Gilmore (D) March 30, 1909
Ohio 21st Vacant Rep. Theodore E. Burton resigned during previous congress James H. Cassidy (R) April 20, 1909
Illinois 6th William Lorimer (R) Resigned June 17, 1909, after being elected to the U.S. Senate William Moxley (R) November 23, 1909
Washington 2nd Francis W. Cushman (R) Died July 6, 1909 William W. McCredie (R) November 2, 1909
Philippines Resident Commissioner Pablo Ocampo Term ended November 22, 1909 Manuel L. Quezon (Unionist) November 23, 1909