1860 United States presidential election in California

1860 United States presidential election in California

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  Abraham Lincoln O-26 by Hesler, 1860 (cropped).jpg BradyHandy-StephenADouglas restored.jpg
Nominee Abraham Lincoln Stephen A. Douglas
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Illinois Illinois
Running mate Hannibal Hamlin Herschel V. Johnson
Electoral vote 4 0
Popular vote 38,733 37,999
Percentage 32.32% 31.71%

  John C Breckinridge-04775-restored.jpg John-bell-brady-handy-cropped restored.jpg
Nominee John C. Breckinridge John Bell
Party Southern Democratic Constitutional Union
Home state Kentucky Tennessee
Running mate Joseph Lane Edward Everett
Electoral vote 0 0
Popular vote 33,969 9,111
Percentage 28.35% 7.60%

President before election

James Buchanan

Elected President

Abraham Lincoln

The 1860 United States presidential election in California took place on November 6, 1860, as part of the 1860 United States presidential election. State voters chose four representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

California narrowly voted for the Republican nominee, former Illinois representative Abraham Lincoln, over the Democratic nominee, Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas and the Southern Democratic nominee, Vice President John C. Breckinridge.


1860 United States presidential election in California[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican Abraham Lincoln 38,733 32.32% 4
Democratic Stephen A. Douglas 37,999 31.71% 0
Southern Democratic John C. Breckinridge 33,969 28.35% 0
Constitution Union John Bell 9,111 7.60% 0
No party Write-ins 15 0.01% 0
Invalid or blank votes
Totals 119,827 100.00% 4
Voter turnout


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