In Norse mythology, Þrymheimr (Old Norse "crash-home,"[1]:165 "Thunder Home,"[2]:34 or "noisy-home"[3]:330; anglicized as Thrymheim) was the abode of Þjazi, a jötunn, located in Jötunheimr. Þjazi once abducted the goddess Iðunn, and in Þrymheimr he held her, causing the gods to age until her rescue, in turn resulting in the death of Þjazi. After the death of Þjazi, his daughter—the goddess Skaði—inhabits the location. During Skaði's marriage to the god Njörðr, the two split over Skaði's preference for her home in Þrymheimr.

Manuscripts of the Prose Edda contain the spellings Þrumheimr and Þruþheimr. Rudolf Simek translates Þruþheimr as "power house" and notes that the variant is also a fitting name for a jötunn.[3]:330


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